Dayeinu - Spreading the Love

By Rebbetzin Anna Ross


In this famous song we sing, “If You would have brought us close before Mount Sinai it would have been enough.” 

Rabbanit Yemima Mizrachi raises a perplexing question. When we we ever brought close to Sinai? To the contrary, when the Jewish people were given the Torah, they were told to keep a distance from the mountain? 

Her resolution to this dilemma is that the beautiful words of Dayeinu are not referring to the Jews being brought closer to the mountain. Rather, we were brought closer to each other, standing together at Sinai. This is one of the key purposes of the Exodus from Egypt - to create a unity among the Jews. Before Sinai we stood “Like one person with one heart”. 

On Seder night, it is this closeness that permeates everything. Our doors are open to those who are hungry, we find extra chairs and tables to seat extended family and friends. Parents listen to their children’s questions, and answer them according to their unique personalities, intellect and needs. Children have the opportunity to connect to their parents and grandparents, who in turn remember their own sources of inspiration. It is a night of unparalleled closeness.

Pesach is a time for family and friends to get together. The original Pesach meal on the night of our exodus was made up of families or groups of families. Whilst it may at times feel challenging, there is something so special about sharing Pesach together. The love and unity of Seder night can grow into the love and unity of all of Israel, and eventually the whole world. 

For that we say ‘Dayeinu’ - that alone would have been more than enough!


- April 6th 2017

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