Rebbetzin Tamar Jaskiel

Rebbetzin Tamar Jaskiel

Aish Bristol

Tamar’s nurturing and embracing personality and delectable food are irresistible. Her giving nature permeates their home and spills over into all that Tamar touches. Tamar has a knack for fusing chessed and love for others into community projects. Their ever buzzing sons Asher and Dovid add to the joyful atmosphere! There is never a dull moment! Which love will consume Tamar? Will it be baking with students, tending to her yummy children or dreaming about the next community initiative? Quite commonly it is all three at the same time!!

Upon graduating high school, she studied in Israel for her gap year in Bnos Chava Teachers Institute. She later graduated with a BA from Touro College with a concentration in Business Marketing/Management. She is the quintessential supermom! Her foundation in education started with founding and managing super popular Teen Zone,a day camp in her hometown of Passaic NJ and remediating early learners in Hebrew reading during the school months. She has a flair for fashion and loves designing in-vogue outfits.

Uri and Tamar are ready to coalesce their dynamism with the Jewish community and the varied needs in Bristol. They have hearts big enough to wrap around and strength to carry it through. You know how they say “If you want a job done right give it to a busy person”? Bristol has welcomed Uri and Tamar and they are in high gear to use all that they have to get Bristol moving.

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