Rabbi Ari Kayser

Aish Schools

Born and raised in London, Ari Kayser, a product of JFS, completed his BSc in Economics at the University College London before making his way to Israel to learn in yeshiva. Along the way he visited over thirty countries, wrote a lot of poetry, and attained certification as a professional cocktail bartender.

In 2008 Ari founded DAJUS (‘Da Jews’), an organization dedicated to publicizing the Torah values of Diversity Awareness Justice Understanding and Sustainability through creative media. Some successful media productions included “Inquisitive Imagery” a poetry journal featuring established and emerging artists; “Cruisin’ with DAJUS” video series winner of the Jewlicious film festival in 2011; and engaging events incorporating tai chi, meditation, and classical Torah study.

In 2012 Ari moved to Modiin, Israel, to become a Founding Director of Outreach at Lev Modiin, an organization dedicated to providing and creating learning and growth opportunities for the Anglo community in Israel.


Ari received rabbinic ordination from Rabbi Yitzchak Berkovits in 2012. He lives in Edgware with his wife Gabrielle and their children.